GOG.com Celebrates End Of The Year With “Let’s Party Promo!”

/ 4 years ago

Legend of Grimrock

GOG.com’s community has had their say: each day, over the entire run of the DRM-free Winter Sale, users voted to chose which of two daily game bundles would get an up to 80% discount. Like in any epic battle, there were some triumphant winners and there were some unfortunate losers. To make it all better the DRM-free digital distributor gives gamers one last chance in 2013 to get all the games from the bundles that lost in the community deal vote. During the Let’s Party Promo! all the games that didn’t get picked by the community are available with discounts up to 80%. The ongoing deal lasts for the next 48 hours, until 2 January 9:59 PM GMT.

The bundles include timeless gems from almost every genre! RPG fans, depending on their preference, can get their hands on CRPG juggernaut Ultima series; immerse themselves into one of the most complex stories ever told in Wizardry 6, 7, and 8; or they can try the new incarnation of grid-based RPG with Legend of Grimrock. For the more action-oriented gamers space shooter Strike Suit Zero or the immortal Strike Commander will definitely be worth picking up, while jump-scare lovers are sure to enjoy the horrors of Slender: The Arrival, Penumbra, and Knock-Knock.

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2013 saw GOG.com release a myriad of quality titles new and old, for PC and Mac, start offering episodic games and season passes, as well as introduce a 30 Day Worldwide Money Back Guarantee. A great year is coming to an end and GOG.com promises surprises galore in 2014 with big website changes and a couple of game-changing projects in store.

Thank you GOG for providing us with this information.

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