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Good News, The RTX 4070 Isn’t As Expensive As We Thought

A few weeks ago we saw a leak that speculated the price of the RTX 4070 and it was an eye-watering $749! This price was very much met with ridicule being only $50 cheaper than the TI variant but luckily being a leak, taking it with a grain of salt was a smart move as the real price has now been revealed.

RTX 4070 Cheaper Price Revealed

Based on sources to VideoCardz within the press briefing for the RTX 4070, it was confirmed that the card will be priced $200 lower than the TI variant at $599 which matches the previous gen 3070 ti. This price is a lot more stomachable and it also makes it likely for the 4060 and TI to receive a much nicer price although with the card set to launch in two weeks’ time, NVIDIA could change that price last minute.

RTX 4070 Specs

With the card set to launch on April 13th let’s again have a look at what specs we are expecting to see. The 4070 is expected to be using the AD104-250 chip with 5888 Cuda cores and a boost clock of 2475. The memory is expected to match the TI variant with 12GB of GDDR6X on a 192-bit bus but will feature a significantly less TDP of 200W compared to the 285W of the TI variant. It is also noted that we may be seeing these 4070 cards feature the standard 8-pin PCIe cable as opposed to the new 12VHPWR cable.

What do you think of this new price? Let us know in the comments.

Jakob Aylesbury

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