Google and Samsung rumoured to be working on high-end 10-inch Nexus tablet

/ 5 years ago

If the insanely popular $199 Google/ASUS Nexus 7 tablet wasn’t already popular enough, Google are ready to pounce on the tablet game once again with rumours of a new high-end 10-inch tablet in development.

The new tablet is being worked on with Samsung who will develop and “co-brand” the device with the Mountain View-based search giant. This new 10-inch tablet would sport a 2560×1600 panel with a pixel per inch of 299, beating out the iPad’s 264ppi “Retina” display. All of these rumours come from industry analyst Richard Shim.

Shim has also confirmed the rumours of the $99 Nexus tablet, and that it will begin its production in December. He didn’t hint whether this would be another Nexus 7 device, or something new altogether. All of this Nexus teasing is really bubbling right now, we’re looking at a new Nexus smartphone from LG, a new Nexus tablet from Samsung and there’s rumours of other Nexus-branded devices being in development, too.

It looks like Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have to throw up their defenses, because the Androids are coming.


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