Google Begins Shipping Google Glass Explorer Edition in May

/ 5 years ago

Google Glass

According to TechCrunch, Google has confirmed that it hopes to get the Glass hardware into the hands of developers “within the next month.” The unit’s exact release date is unknown however it’d make since to have it out before May 15th, since Google’s yearly I/O event begins on that day through the 17th. This is for all the lucky developers who signed-up for it at last year’s event. This year’s I/O event is said to show off more of the developing side of the product.

There was another way you could buy the $1500 dev units back in February. An early adopter program was initiated and assigned winners through comments posted on Twitter and Google+. The project allowed 8,000 additional early adopters, which got criticized for seemingly being random. Some of those strange invites even got retracted by Google. Those who were chosen will have to pick up their unit at I/O events in either New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco.

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Although it’ll be awhile before the general public can get their hands on this, a consumer model will be out at the end of the year and will be priced much more competitively. Let us know how you feel about the Google Glass in the comments.


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2 Responses to “Google Begins Shipping Google Glass Explorer Edition in May”
  1. d6bmg says:

    Well, that would be fun – after it is released publicly.

  2. I’m not sure if i should be excited about the prospect of this or scared lol.

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