Google Car Promo Video With a GTA V Rampage Twist

/ 2 years ago

Google Car Promo Video With a GTA V Rampage Twist

Google’s self-driving vehicles have proven to be quite safe, and apart from a few incidents, the autonomous car experiment seems to be going rather well in the real world. However, stepping into the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto V and its Los Santos city reveals that Google still has a long way to go before its cars will ever be considered remotely safe. Thanks to the work of a skilled modder, we’re now able to see exactly how Google’s autonomous vehicle would cope with the Los Santos traffic, and as you probably suspect, the entire thing is far from pretty. The video that you’ll be able to watch below takes on the form of a “news report,”and even though it only lasts 34 seconds, it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen on YouTube in a while.

In reality, Google is actually making great progress with its self-driving tech, as it has recently signed a deal with Fiat Chrysler in order to build 100 self-driving Pacifica minivans for testing purposes. These minivans would represent the third vehicle type to join Google’s fleet, and they are expected to become operational by this year’s end. Maybe the modder will also create a second GTA V video that focuses on an autonomous Pacifica minivan.

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