Google Chrome 32 Is Here, Bringing Plenty Of New Features With It

/ 4 years ago

Chrome 32

Google have done a great job at keeping their ever popular Chrome browser up to date, and the latest wave up updates are no exception, bringing with it a range of long anticipated, if somewhat boring features. When I say boring, it’s only because there is very little that can happen in the world of browser technology that ranks above “moderately exciting”, but the new features are still more than welcome.

First up we have the improved malware blocking, courtesy of Google’s brand new malware blocker which arrived in experimental form last October with the Canary build of Chrome. Google will now automatically block any downloads that their systems have flagged as malware.

A new sound and video indicators have been added to the tab bar, so when you have loads of tabs open and you hear an annoying video add pop up, you can quickly find and mute the offending tab. Also, windows 8 users can now enjoy a new metro-style design that will better integrate with the OS.

Of course there are a bunch of minor tweaks and bug fixes as always, as well as the addition for the new “supervised users” feature that allows family members to check on a kid’s browsing history, although the feature is still in beta.

Thank you TechCrunch for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of TechCrunch.

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