Google Chrome For iOS To Get Autofill Feature

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Google’s updating its mobile Chrome apps today, and Autofill is the topmost feature on the list, which is being added to iOS, along with form data from other devices synced up for immediate use. Chrome for Android received Autofill abilities earlier this year, but today’s update should “further streamline online forms” to save you a little bit more time.

Autofill will need one account for all your devices and they will all need to be signed in and also have the feature turned on to be able to sync all your passwords and emails. The update should be available on iTunes soon, if not already arrived.

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Retailers need to adopt this “faster checkout flow” on their end but with the holidays coming up, we’re sure several sites will want to make those last-minute purchases as painless as possible. And with Black Friday just around the corner, the Autofill feature is a must have for those looking to shop during that time of the year.

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One Response to “Google Chrome For iOS To Get Autofill Feature”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    A nice feature to have but I’m old fashioned. I never buy anything online (unless it’s a killer deal). I prefer to support my local shopkeepers, they also have to live as well and online stores make way too much money as it is due to peoples inherent in laziness and inability to properly plan.

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