Google Chromecast Now More Popular Than Apple TV

/ 3 years ago


Google’s Chromecast TV streaming dongle outsold Apple TV over the first three quarters of 2014, according to Parks Associates, a market researcher. Google has been given the boost over their rival during a 10% upswing in the number of households now using home media players. Roku, the market leader for the past three years, remains in pole position with 29% market share, down from 46% last year.

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Apple TV is now 7 years old, and has not had a major hardware update since 2012. Rumours have circulated this year that Apple is to update its TV system, adding App Store integration and Bluetooth controller support, but there has been no official confirmation regarding the new model. In the meantime, Google has forged ahead, stealing a significant slice of the home media market share.

Source: MacRumors

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  1. Wayne says:

    In this dog eat dog market you snooze you loose.

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