Google to End Chrome’s NPAPI Support

/ 3 years ago


By Autumn 2015, Google’s Chrome browser will cease supporting NPAPI protocol. The biggest knock-on effect will be that Microsoft’s web application framework Silverlight will be incompatible with Google Chrome.

Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface, or NPAPI, is considered a rather outdated protocol, at least as far as Google is concerned. According to the company, NPAPI support results in avoidable lag. Google has already removed NPAPI support from Google Hangouts and Google Earth, and that cull is set to culminate towards the end of next year.

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This, however, doesn’t seem to have motivated Microsoft into adapting their Silverlight framework, with a bullish Microsoft spokesperson saying, “Several other browsers, including IE and Firefox, offer an alternative to Chrome that continues to support securely the wide variety of multi-media formats offered on the web.”

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