Google Experimenting With Running Chrome Apps Without Running Chrome Browser

/ 4 years ago

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Code has been discovered in the “app_shell” for Google’s Chromium project, revealing that Google is experimenting with ways to allow users to run Chrome based applications without having to run the full Chrome web browser. Allowing the app to load most of the Chrome extension APIs without booting up the whole thing, saving on resources and of course making things a little more convenient for the end user.

Google are working hard to make Chrome Apps more prominent on our desktops, especially now that most people are familiar with quickly downloading and executing apps on their smartphones and tablet’s, they want to do the same on their desktop too.

The Chrome Web Store is expected to become more like what Apple are offering, which makes sense given that the companies are competitive, both wanting to offer a unified ecosystem of services, this would just be the next logical step for Google. Should the apps break free from Chrome, then they’ll behave just like any other application on your computer, but still let the apps run HTML, JavaScript and CSS outside of the browser, giving users and developers a little more freedom.

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No word on App_Shell being launched just yet, Google say it’s just an experiment right now, but we all know that Google love to launch Beta schemes fairly often, so it shouldn’t be too far away.

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