Google Finally Unveils Stable 64 Bit Version of Chrome

/ 3 years ago


Google made the exciting reveal of 64 bit Chrome for Windows 7 and 8 back in June. Since that reveal the 64 bit version has yet to be released to the public in a stable form, that’s until today. Today Google revealed the stable version of 64 bit Google Chrome as part of the Chrome 37 rollout. As expected the 64 bit version promises faster browsing, more stability and better security. Google are touting improved media performance such as with the VP9 codec that is used in YouTube HD videos – they claim 15% better decoding performance. Results from Google’s beta programs also reveal that the 64 bit rendering engines are almost twice as stable as their 32 bit counter-parts.

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You can download Google’s 64 Bit Chrome for Windows 7 & 8 64 Bit right here.

Source: Chromium Blog

Image courtesy of Google

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