Google+ games unconventionally confirmed

/ 7 years ago

This time around, the latest social networking offering from Google, Google+, seems to be getting taken more seriously, especially with 20 millions people jumping on board in just three weeks. After releasing the iPhone app, it was obvious Google really meant business and is trying to reach out to absolutely everyone, and iPhone is just a start. The latest addition will certainly get the attention of Facebook, although it is not unique to Google+ it will certainly make Google+ better competition for Facebook.

Reported first by All Things D, a Google+ gaming network seemed likely. Looking at Facebook, those games made by Zynga and EA/Playfish are a major revenue stream as for some reason, people do want to buy virtual goods and other enhancements using real money.

The launch of a Google social gaming network would introduce competition to a market that Facebook currently monopolises, and in quite a large way. The report also reckons, as is normal with Googles approach, that Google will charge developers significantly less for the privilege.

The report didn’t have any comment from Google but a new sentence in the Google+ help articles was spotted: “If you’re looking for updates shared from games, check out your Games stream”. Since it was spotted, it has disappeared from that help article, which not only suggests it was published prematurely but in fact confirming that the Google Games service is on its way.

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