Google Getting Ready to Launch LTE-A Mobile Network?

/ 3 years ago


Big things are happening in the world of mobile devices, as Google LTE-A is preparing to hit the market, the “next generation cellular network, brought to you by Google.”

This is huge news, although not particularly unexpected. Google have already pushed their way into many parts of the market with their wide range of products and since their broadband is some of the fastest in the world, it looks like they’re preparing to do the same for mobile connections.

Google LTE-A will be a big move for Google and while they already have their established Nexus devices, they will soon have their own network to go with them. What remains to be seen is if it really is their own network, or if they’re going to operate as an MVNO.

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A Twitter account has been created for the service, but as yet, there are no tweets; certainly a Twitter account you’ll want to keep an eye on.

We’ll update you as this story develops.

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