Google Glass Music To Have Been Made Official

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Phanandroid reported about a hidden feature, the support of Google Play Music by sideloading the APK and use the command “OK Glass, listen to” to start playing a tune of your choice. It appears that Google made it official with an announcement made on Google Glass’ Google+ page.

Google will also reportedly introduce a sound search feature that will allow your Glass to identify the music that’s playing within your vicinity. It should work much like the feature currently does in Google Now on Android phones. Google also introduced a pair of lightweight, high-fidelity stereo earbuds which will be priced at around $85. Google states that they’re specially designed to be a comfortable fit for Glass users.

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The features have not been released publicly just yet but Google is saying they should expect to release them in a few weeks time. In the video below, Yung Guru is demonstrating the features that users should expect from this new feature:



Thank you Phanandroid for providing us with this information
Image courtesy of The Verge and video courtesy of Phanandroid

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  1. Skidmarks says:

    Dear Lord. If I had to listen to that type of music everyday I’d go bonkers.

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