Google Glass to Use Intel Processor

/ 3 years ago


The Wall Street Journal reports that the next version of Google Glass will use Intel Processors.

The Journal says that Google has formed a deal with the chip maker, meaning Google’s yet-to-be widely released wearable will be powered by Intel. It’s not yet clear exactly how Glass will use Intel’s hardware, but it seems almost certain that the Texas Instruments chip currently used will be replaced with an Intel one.

The report says that the deal is part of Intel’s push to become more widely involved in wearables, a rapidly developing market that the once dominant Intel has yet to have a significant impact upon.

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The report also suggests that Intel will help move Glass into industry and medical markets, an area increasingly seen as the place Google Glass will have a chance of being successful as a finished product.

We reported recently on the news that Glass is losing the interest of a number of parties, including Google itself. The Reuters article behind that report suggested too that Glass is seemingly being aimed at industrial uses now, instead of its original intended position as a consumer wearable.

Source: The Wall Street Journal 

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