Google Hangouts 1.3.0 Update Gets Free Address Book Calling For iPhone Users

/ 4 years ago


Google’s latest update for its Hangouts service, 1.3.0, brings a whole range of updates for Apple “iDevice” users. The main noteworthy addition is the ability to call anyone’s number from your address book in your iPad, iPod or iPhone for free providing they are in the USA or Canada when you ring them (international numbers can be rung for a fee). You can also place and receive calls using your own Google Voice number.

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Version 1.3.0 allows you to see which of your friends are using Google Hangouts and whether or not you can reach them. The messaging part of the app now supports inline animated GIFs and they’ve also changed incoming message behaviour so that it only momentarily pauses your music instead of stopping it completely.

You can check out more details and download the latest version of Google Hangouts here.

Image courtesy of Google

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