Google launches new YouTube app for iOS 6, on the eve of the new iPhone’s launch

/ 5 years ago

I’m sure Google are laughing pretty hard at their troll right now, but the Cupertino-based company has unleashed the first standalone YouTube app for iOS devices, and will hit upcoming iOS 6-based devices in the very, very near future.


Apple decided to drop YouTube from iOS 6, as last month Apple’s contract with Google ran up, and iOS 6 will now not feature the YouTube app by default. It must’ve been big news for Google, because since the iPhone first launched in 2007, Google’s YouTube app has been right there with iOS.

The new YouTube for iOS app sports the ability to let you channels by just swiping from left to right on the display, features new options including sharing videos with friends, Facebook and Google+.

A global ban on advertising within the YouTube for iOS app made it hard for iPhone users to watch copyrighted material, including movies and videos. YouTube’s Global Director of Platform Partnerships, Francisco Varela, has said “over the years that resulted in a more limited experience for our users, and lots of frustrations. We’re going to get rid of that”.

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