Google looks poised to drop Blogger and Picasa brands

/ 7 years ago

Google, according to a source, looks very close to rolling out a very much consolidated look and feel to its websites in the build-up to the full-scale launch of Google+. This would include dropping the brands Blogger and Picasa, although functionality of these two will not alter, although it is likely they will adjust the aesthetics of them both.

The rebranding is following a logical Google theme: Picasa will be renamed to Google Photo’s, and Blogger will take on the name which is already partly used of Google Blogs. This is a continuation of over take-over’s such as JotSpot which is now Google Sites and Writely which became Google Docs.

Normally the rebranding took place at the take over by Google, so it is interesting the Blogger and Picasa have been allowed a long period of time to build up the brand awareness, even though everyone knew whoe they were owned by. That said, the Google brand probably still has more weight and will help to popularise the rebranded products.

As Google is clearly making its latest push to unify its branding and make it easier to use all of its creations, it will be interesting to see if any other product get caught up in the re-branding by Google.

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