Google Might Be Working On A Nexus TV Box

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The Nexus family could extend to smart TV next year, according to an article by The Information via Tech Report. A Nexus-branded set-top box is in the works, but unfortunately very little is known about it.

We can expect the Nexus set-top-box to be an Android device capable of running both games and video streaming services. Users will be able to control it with their smartphones or tablets, and Engadget states that it will be “aggressively priced” and intended as a “gaming box.”

There are rumors that say Google could be planning the launch for Q1 2014. Details of how the Nexus set-top box would be different from the standalone Google TV devices are not clear at the moment, give the fact that current smart TVs from Asus and Netgear for example are capable of running Android games. I haven’t seen those marketed very aggressively, though, and according to Gigaom, Google plans to get rid of the Google TV brand and push Android for the living room.

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