Google Officially Launches Chrome OS 42

/ 3 years ago


Google has recently released a brand new update for its Chrome operating system, which is meant to enhance its looks as well as its functionality. Chrome OS 42 features a fresh launcher that was inspired in its design by the newest version of Android; Lollipop. Furthermore, the OS features Google Now, which gives users access to useful information at a glance, including stock quotes, weather conditions and calendar events.

The new release also comes with a series of app updates. The Files app has been redesigned to match the OS’s Lollipop-like theme, while the entire system font has been swapped to Roboto, which is the standard Android font. The Calculator app received a few tweaks of its own, and password-protected ZIP files now feature extra support. If you own a Chromebook, you should be able to update to the new Chrome OS version “over the next few weeks.” While the changes might not seem like much, they hint that Google is making steps towards balancing the user experience for Android devices and Chromebooks. The company is also working on Android Runtime for Chrome OS, which will enable you to install Android apps on your Chrome-based laptop.

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Do you own a Chromebook, and if not, are you more inclined to purchase one now?

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