Google Opens “Google Play for Education” Store

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Google Play for Education has officially launched. It’s an extension of Google Play that’s designed for schools, simplifying discovery of educational apps and enabling developers and content providers to reach K-12 educators in the U.S. It offers bulk purchasing with purchase orders and instant distribution of educational apps, videos and other educational content to students’ Android tablets via the cloud. Google Play for Education helps your apps gain visibility with the right audiences, without having to knock on school doors.

Developers who build educational Android apps can use the Google Play Developer Console to mark the apps for inclusion in Google Play for Education. What it does is Google identifies it as suitable for the US K-12 educational market and queues it for educator approval. These educators perform a first-pass qualification of apps, assigning the appropriate subject, grade, and common core standards metadata, while evaluating if the app meets the Google Play for Education criteria for classroom use.

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All educational applications must meet the detailed requirements and guidelines in order to be released on the Google Play for Education store. More details can be found on Google’s Android Developer page here.

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  1. Skidmarks says:

    Education has certainly changed since my old school days way back when. I wonder if It’s too late to request my school fees back & start over again… 🙂 Apart from sports, I never found much fun back then. 🙁

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