Google Pixelbook Details Leak Ahead of October 4 Launch

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Google Pixelbook Details Leak Ahead of October 4 Launch

As it turns out, the Home Mini and the Pixel 2 are not the only hardware Google intends to announce on October 4. According to Droid Life, Google also intends to announce their new Pixelbook laptop. It is essentially a high-end Chromebook with stylus support. While most Chromebooks have lower resolution screens and lower-spec hardware, they are usually priced accordingly. That is because they are mostly for basic or student use. The upcoming Pixelbooks however come at a much higher price and intends to take on Apple’s Macbooks.

Google Chromebook Pixel Features

The original Chromebook Pixel debuted in 2013 with an Intel Core i5 processor and either 32GB or 64GB SSD. It also makes use of a 2,560 × 1,700 resolution display and ran the proprietary Chrome OS. The new update however will be available with 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB SSDs. The new model will also bring stylus support and have a screen that fully folds. Essentially turning it into a tablet.

Google Pixelbook Details Leak Ahead of October 4 Launch

Pricing and Availability

The 128GB version will start at $1,199, followed by the 256GB model at $1,399 and the 512GB option at $1,749. The stylus pen is available separately for $99. As for availability, more details will surface once Google makes the official announcement on October 4.

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