Google Play: Redesign & Modernization

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Though Google tries not to stand in the way of developers creating apps for the public, unlike the Apple App Store preventing and restricting new Apps.  Google needs to do some cleaning from time to time, and with the popularity of the Android operating system and the Google App store they have started to do some spring cleaning. Google has already removed over 60,000 apps from their marketplace, and we expect them to remove thousands, if not tens of thousands more in the coming weeks. Not to worry, the apps that they have removed were either found to be low quality, spammy, or non-compliant applications for the market. Though this is not something new for Google, as they have been known to remove malware and apps that can fill your mobile device with malicious content such as fake versions of Angry Birds.

Google states that the number of Apps available on Google Play are right around 700,000 Apps, so only about 10% of the apps have been removed. Without an army of reviewers like Apple has to thoroughly check and recheck the Apps before one goes live, Google in unable to prevent all malware. Google does in fact work to diligently to uphold their Terms of Service, and they have worked to create algorithms to detect spam.

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Google is updating and upgrading their Google Play app, and giving it a full makeover, with a simpler layout and making it easier to find the content. Today they will be releasing the new redesigned user interface for Android phones and tablets.

Key features include:

  • Simpler Layout
  • Redesigned UI
  • Lighter Background
  • Larger Images
  • Simple Checkout

Though it has been rumored for the past few weeks and there have been several screenshots, we should be seeing the actual App rolling out today! Unfortunately, this upgrade looks like it is only available for Android 2.2 and above.

“People around the world should see it over the next few weeks. Get ready for a simpler Google Play.” – Posted by Michael Siliski, group product manager for Google Play



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