Google posts record quarterly figures

/ 7 years ago

The search engine giant Google has posted astonishing figures for Q2 of 2011. It posted a revenue of $9.03 billion which is up a huge 32% on the same time last year. Excluding Traffic Acquisition Costs (TAC- what google pays to get traffic to its own sites) the revenue was still a huge $6.92 billion which is above the figure of $6.55 billion which most financial analysts were predicting.

Interestingly enough these figures don’t include the launch of the new Google plus so expect Q3 figures to be even better. Already there are 10 million users of Google Plus according to Larry Page who also had this to say about the Android success story “Android’s really on a tear…Despite the efforts of some of our competitors there hasn’t been a slow-down.” Net income for Google was $2.51 billion up from $1.84 billion the same time last year.

Google now has a staggering $39.1 billion amassed in Banks and it added 2000 employees to its payroll in Q2 this year which is roughly the same as last year, unsurprisingly Google shares rose 12% after this announcement.

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  1. gaetan says:

    that's a big amount of money…why are there hackers losing time on hacking the PSN:confused: go for Google's bank account instead, that's more worthwhile isn't it? 🙂

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