Google Pulls Amazon App From Play Store Searches

/ 2 years ago

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A possible dispute between Amazon and Google has resulted in the regular Amazon app for Android being removed from Google Play Store listings.

Back in September, Amazon began offering Android apps for download via its app, which seems to have riled Google. Though the Play Store is often more lenient with the apps it allows for download – certainly more so than Apple’s App Store – anything Google sees as competition for its own app service is highly regulated. Speculation suggests that this is the reason the Amazon app has been excised from Google Play searches.

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A  search for “Amazon” on Google Play brings up a stripped-down version, called Amazon Shopping, that has no integrated app store, but the old Amazon app is still available for download from the Google Play Store through this direct link, and from Amazon’s website.

Source: CNN

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  • Will

    Direct link no longer working….

  • Wayne

    I can’t think of any reason why most people would want to download apps from any other source other than Google’s Playstore.

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