Google Received 12000 “Forget” Requests On The First Day Of The Service

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A recent change in EU law meant Google was forced to examine and process requests from European citizens who want to be removed from the Google search engine directories. On the first day of Google being required to process these requests they received a staggering 12,000 requests from European citizens wanting to be removed from Google. The requests were all submitted on Friday May 30th through Google’s “removal request” form (which can be found in English here).

The number of requests are likely to remain fairly high for the foreseeable future until everything calms down again. Google was required, by the European Court of Justice, to process the removal of individual data from their search engine if the data is outdated, inaccurate or meets other conditions detailed in the ruling. Google now has to process each of the requests individually to decide on a case-by-case basis if each request can be accepted or not.

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Google has refused to give time estimates on the requests stating the time needed to process requests will be variable based on the nature of each request.

Source: Business Insider

Image courtesy of Google

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