Re-Edit: Google did not buy-out ICOA, Inc.

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Edit: It has been confirmed that the original source of information- PR Wire- was a fake that duped multiple news sources. ICOA Chief Executive George Strouthopoulos told CNET that the company has never had any discussions with any potential acquirers – and possibly done by a stock promoter with a dubious interests.

Personally, I apologize for the inaccuracy of the information. Meanwhile ICOA, Inc. said that they will report this to the confirmed authorities.
Source: CNET

Its a move that makes it clear about Google’s plan for providing internet connection and not limited via Fiber connection. Google just acquired ICOA, Inc. for $400 Million.

ICOA, Inc. is a U.S. based Wired and wireless broadband Internet Service provider providing connections for infrastructures such as airports, Quick-Service Restaurants, Universities, Travel Plaza, Marinas, Hospitality and municipal zones. They also provide hotspot network in RV Parks and campgrounds, so one can easily imagine how this deal will work very well for Google’s expansion in the broadband business- and not just limited to Fiber connection that is currently present in Kansas.

Since their recent deployment of Google Fibre project in Kansas which provided much faster Internet connection in the U.S. , this is the best and most healthy move that Google has taken to expand their venture in the Internet Service Provider Business. ICOA, Inc. started officially in January 1st, 2006 and spread across 45 states with atleast 500,000 logins per month.

However, its still not clear if Google intends to use this newly acquired company to provide free or paid services in their Wireless Hotspot Zones.


Source: The Next Web

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