Google Refuses To Pay French Privacy Fine, Has To Admit Guilt On Google France

/ 4 years ago

google_france_privacy_incidentGoogle recently lost a legal dispute in France for failing to tell French citizens exactly what happens to the personal data that Google collects about them. As a result Google were fined a trivial $200,000 for the privacy violation, but as a matter of pride Google refused to pay the fine as they believed paying it would be an acceptance of guilt and this would give them a bad public image in France. Google decided to take it to appeal to try and have the judgement overturned but that appeal was swiftly rejected by a French court according to Engadget. As a consequence Google now legally has to show the above statement on its website. The translation reads:

A special branch of the CNIL has fined Google 150,000 euros for breaking the laws of “information technology and liberty.” See the full decision at

Google can still appeal the fine but the judgement will remain valid, in France at least. Google’s main tactic of defence in this case was to create a rift between EU and French law because Google’s privacy policy does meet EU requirements but not French requirements.

Image courtesy of Engadget

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