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Google Removes Two More Malware Ridden Apps from its Store

It’s hardly any secret that the Google Play Store can be a great place to find weird and wonderful apps for your Android device. It’s also hardly any secret that a worrying amount of them are consistently found to contain malware!

It literally feels that a month can’t go by without news of a million-plus downloaded app being found with malware on there. Incidentally, the last instance was only 2-weeks ago!

So, I guess in a case of ‘here we go again’, two more apps have been removed from the Play Store after being found to contain infectious coding. Not before, however, they were downloaded over 1.5 million times!

More Malware Apps Removed from the Google Play Store

The apps that were discovered by security company Wandera, were largely found to simply spam users with ads from 3rd-party sources. As you may be aware, however, this can often lead to a number of significant problems including battery-draining and, of course, tracking tools.

So, what were the apps? Well, again, we see them as being photo editing tools. Namely:

  • Sun Pro Beauty Camera – Over 1 million downloads
  • Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera – Over 500,000 downloads

What Should I Do?

Well, if you have these apps installed on your Android device, then you’ll want to remove them immediately. In addition, you might want to check your kid’s smartphones for them too. They are, after all, perhaps more likely to go for something like this.

Even on top of all that, however, you may even go as far as applying a factory reset. Just to be certain that anything untoward has (probably) been removed.

As a key rule of thumb, however, we can’t stress enough just what a minefield these ‘camera tools’ seem to be. It’s no lie to say that in the vast majority of the instances we report, these are the sources. You can’t even necessarily trust reviews as often they’ll just be spammed with fake ones to make it appear legitimate.

Put simply, it’s a dodgy internet out there folks. So be careful what you download to your Android (or any other) device!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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