Google Reveals Android One Sub-$100 Smartphone Program

/ 3 years ago


While it is flagship Android smartphones that always steal the headlines and the conversation among technology enthusiasts, it’s those budget Android smartphones that most people actually buy. This is especially true for the 5 billion plus people in the world who are largely disconnected from the “smartphone revolution” and simply cannot afford flagships. Google has a plan to change this with its new “Android One” program. Effectively Google will design the hardware and a minimum hardware standard for budget $100 or less Android smartphones and will simply give the designs to other companies to make and sell. Google hopes doing so will raise the overall value of the Android brand in that low-end segment. Additionally, Google will provide preferential treatment to these devices making sure they are always upgraded to the latest versions of Android. It makes sense that if Google can unify the hardware into a handful of hardware designs for the sub-$100 market then it is easier for Google to develop those updates.

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At the time of making this announcement at the Google I/O event Google claimed to be teaming up with Indian smartphone makers like Karbonn, Micromax and Spice. Google presented a Micromax Android One phone with dual-SIM, dual SD card slots, a 4.5 inch display and FM radio for just $100.

Source: Engadget

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