Google Reveals New Feature That Allows Users to Pay Their Bills Inside Gmail

/ 3 years ago

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Companies encourage more and more customers to switch to e-billing in order to cut down on the amount of paper used for bills. However, even if bills come in your email, you still have to go out to pay them or use an online payment system to do so.

Google apparently is said to be working on an alternative to the above, in an attempt to make life easier for people. The company is planning to add a new feature to its Gmail that would allow users to receive and pay their bills directly from Gmail itself.


The service, dubbed Pony Express, is said to provide Gmail users with a separate dedicated folder which would help sort out the bills from the rest of the emails in the account. Also, the company is said to provide a way to share bills with another Gmail account, a good feature to have if you are living with roommates and need to split the bill.

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While Google has the same features present in its Google Wallet, the project wouldn’t seem too complicated to achieve for its Gmail service too. The new billing and payment system is rumored to roll out in the fourth quarter of this year.

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