Google Rumoured To Be Developing Android Games Console

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is in the process of developing a new Android games console. They say that this new games console could arrive as early as this fall (Q4) and is part of a Google plan to increase its hardware presence with the average consumer. In addition to this games console they are also expected to be preparing a redesigned/revamped Nexus Q set-top streaming device (after the first one failed miserably) and although any more details are non-existent this new Android gaming console, it is expected to compete with similar devices like the Ouya, Nvidia’s Project Shield and Gamestick.

Given that Google already produce tablets, smartphones, TV streaming boxes and a variety of other devices this latest one is surely designed to expand their hardware presence yet further still. Though this device will rely greatly on Android gaming success so Google really needs to incentivise app developers to start developing more and more games for the Android platform to give gamers the most variety to choose from to prevent them from going elsewhere (aka iOS).

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What are your thoughts on a Google gaming console? Would you buy one? Or is Android gaming just not up to scratch yet?

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5 Responses to “Google Rumoured To Be Developing Android Games Console”
  1. McAngel says:

    Android is Google’s child. We can expect higher quality games to come from Google’s support of gaming on the platform.

  2. Wayne says:

    It’s entirely possible this is in development but I’m surprised that it wasn’t rumoured a long time ago (maybe it was). That said I just couldn’t be less interested in game consoles. I take them all (including the the facts and rumours) with a pinch of salt.

  3. Sepiaa says:

    I can’t really say yet. If it is proper, controller-based gaming, on a box designed specifically to do the job, then yes, it has a chance. I just don’t want another Wii-esque product. There is no need for it, and please for god’s sake, do not try to bring touchscreens to gaming. It just won’t work. You really cannot beat the feel for a controller in the hands.

  4. d6bmg says:

    It would be a great move if true. Android have a very long lifetime in front of it which also includes it’s integration to every touch devices including PCs if Google want to come into mainstream OS market.

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