Google rumoured to release ‘X Phone’ in May, would be an incredible smartphone

/ 5 years ago

While Apple are talking about their financial earnings in the past 24 hours, rumours are now bursting out of the gates of the Internet that Mountain View-based search giant, Google, are to unveil their ‘X Phone’ in May.

If you haven’t heard about the X Phone from Google before, it is Google’s super secret smartphone that would be built from the ground up – both hardware and software. Up until now, Google outsource the hardware manufacturing to companies like ASUS, Samsung and for the latest Nexus 4, LG.

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The X Phone is nothing but rumours and speculation, but even some of the technology being rumoured on is interesting… ceramic case, advanced gesture recognition technology and even a bendable screen. I doubt we’ll see all of these, but when Google do unveil their X Phone, I’m sure it’s going to really smash the ball out of the park.

Source: Quartz

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