Google Says Glass Won’t Be Coming To Market At $299

/ 4 years ago

google glass

Google’s Glass will not be coming to Best Buy in 2014 at a price of $299 like currently circulated rumours have suggested. Google’s Chris Dale, who works on the Google Glass project, made a statement on Twitter that killed the rumour in a rather blunt way.

“Google Glass not coming to Best Buy in 2014… oh, and it won’t be $299 either. #factcheck”

Part of the rumour was that Google would set up mini stores within Best Buy stores across the country and then they would sell the Google Glass there for the relatively affordable price of $299. Of course the statement by the Google employee doesn’t rule out the Google Glass being cheaper than $299, but it is implied that the Glass will be significantly more expensive than $299.

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The possibility that Google may set up their own shops in the countries where Glass is sold still remains. They might use similar tactics to the Chromebook where Google currently has Chromebook stores in the UK and USA dedicated to the sale of Chromebooks.

Image courtesy of Google

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  • Wayne

    I can easily make do without this product irrespective of price.