Google Snag Ex-Qualcomm Executive To Speed Up Google Fibre Process

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Ex-Senior Vice President of Qualcomm, Dennish Kish, has been announced as Google Fiber’s new VP – taking over from Milo Medin who is reported to be staying on as an advisor.

Kish’s Linked In profile shows that he’s been working at Google’s headquarters since July 2014, however the official release has only just come to light.

This is a bid for Google to speed up their Google fibre rollout reports say, with the service currently only available in Kansas City and Provo, Utah with announced plans to be available in Austin, Texas in the near future. It’s obvious that Google’s amazingly fast 1,000Mpbs connection is only currently available to a very small quantity of the worlds population, which is a shame as it is rated at 100 times faster than the US current average for speed of connection.

Kish is said to have been hired as a driving force behind Googles Fibre expansion, with reports claiming he’ll be responsible for a rollout of up to 34 other cities around the United States.

What is the premise behind Google Fibre and the blazing fast speed it provides?

“Google Fiber was created with the promise of an Internet connection transferred by pulses of light rather than electrical transmission, a decades-old technology that has played a significant role in the advancement of information networks around the world. However, broadband Internet service reigns supreme in the US, due in part to deals struck with local governments and federal regulations demanding blanket access to the Internet” CNet

Other internet providers including AT&T and CenturyLink are working on their own form of gigabit internet throughout other select cities in the US, using a similar premise to Google. With the good reception that fibre has been seeing currently Here’s hoping the rest of the world cottons on sooner rather than later and works on some form of fibre of their own.

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When will Google Fiber be coming to my city? I can hear you all screaming it right now. Unfortunately, we don’t have any other information to provide, but Google Fibre’s official website might be something worth hitting F5 over at every now and then.

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