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Google Stadia to Reveal More Games Next Week

Launching late last year, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Google Stadia hasn’t exactly been a runaway success. In fact, it’s actually currently teetering on the edge of being an outright flop. One of the biggest problems the platform has seen though is the lack of games, but following a post on their Twitter account, that may be about to change!

Google Stadia

In the post, which you can check out below, Google has teased that some big gaming announcements are on the way for the Stadia platform. Exactly what they will remain a mystery, but it seems pretty clear that they believe that it might be enough to tempt some fresh consumers over into getting (and, by proxy, subscribing to) the streaming platform.

What is it with of games on Google Stadia, though? Well, in a recent report a number of publishers accused the company of wanting the games, but not being willing to pay a ‘fair price’ to bring them to the platform. Has something, therefore, changed? Possibly!

What Do We Think?

As above, it’s a little early to write the obituary for the Google Stadia. It has, after all, only been available for around 6 months. So far, however, the platform hasn’t been doing very well in terms of sales. It has even seen them getting the rather ominous sign of being bundled in for free with broadband packages. Has Google decided to start paying the publishers what they want? It seems likely, but nobody will be talking about that if it has happened!

More games will help the Google Stadia, but Google needs to act quickly as, unless something changes soon, the Stadia will only be remembered as a failed attempt to bring game streaming to the masses.

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Mike Sanders

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