Google Stops Selling Nexus 5 Smartphone

/ 3 years ago

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Google’s 2014 flagship Android smartphone, the Nexus 5, has been removed from Google’s online store. The handset, heralded by many as one of the finest Android devices on the market, has been pulled to make space for the upcoming Nexus 6.

The move confirms rumours that emerged last year that Google had ceased production on the phone and that, once the remaining stocks were purchased, it would be “gone”. Google denied the report, saying that “continue to be available for sale on Google Play and through select retailers in Q1 2015.” As it turns out, both statements were true.

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According to a Google spokesperson, “while some inventory of Nexus 5 still exists (with our retail and carrier partners), our focus is on the Nexus 6 at this time.” So, the smartphone is still on sale through other retailers and phone networks, but Google’s retirement of the Nexus 5 signals its death knell.

Source: The Verge

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