Google Study Shows Internet Is Getting Faster

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We are always making huge leaps forward in technology yet is this ever actually reflected in changes for everyone or just for the technologically elitist among us? Well Google’s latest study would suggest we are all benefiting. Advances in desktop internet technologies, fiber optic and broadband, as well as in mobile internet technologies, 3G and 4G, are seeing everyone’s internet experience get faster. As the graph above shows the desktop market experienced a marginal increase in average page load time versus 2012 while the mobile market achieved a huge improvement shaving off nearly 3 seconds of the average mobile page load time of 2012.

If we have a look at some regional trends we can see Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom, USA, Russia, Vietnam, China and Germany have some of the fastest desktop internet connections.


While in the mobile markets Japan, Sweden, Germany, USA, the United Kingdom, Canada and China all have some of the fastest mobile internet. Germany, China, Canada and the USA made some of the biggest leaps forward in mobile internet performance.

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In terms of year on year performance changes in desktop internet everywhere improved with exception to some African countries (Madagascar, Gabon, Burkino Faso and Algeria), Syria, Central Asian Countries (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikstan) and East Asian countries (China and Vietnam). Africa, Asia and South America experienced some of the largest general improvements.

The story with mobile internet was also a similar one as only Ukraine, Estonia and Norway declined according to available data while everyone else improved to some extent. North America, Australasia, China, India, the Middle East and Europe made some of the most rapid improvements while South America, Africa and Asia had relatively slow progress.


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