Google Targets Firefox Users with Special Warnings

/ 3 years ago

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Mozilla users will soon see a new message in Google’s search engine urging them to switch their default search engine to Google. Users can also choose to ignore the message and hide it until clearing the browser’s cache by pressing the “No, Thanks” button.

This comes as a result of Mozilla changing its default search engine to Yahoo! in November 2014. Default search contracts are the main route to monetizing third-party browsers. Search providers like Google and Yahoo pay browser-makers tens, or even hundreds of millions of dollars for the unique access, as it is a major driver of search traffic from modern browsers.

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Firefox has been working with Google as its default search engine since 2004, but the recent change terminated the long partnership with the top web search engine. Google’s new popups make it clear that the company isn’t happy with the shift and it’s also clear that it considers Firefox search traffic a primary target. Firefox is the third most-used personal computer browser after Google’s Chrome browser and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

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13 Responses to “Google Targets Firefox Users with Special Warnings”
  1. Blaž Somun says:

    surprised that internet explorer is used more than firefox…. I guess a lot of people have a new computer this days and are all looking in internet explorer to download a new browser hahaha

    • Zenaku says:

      The issue is non tech people don’t know how to download google. So they just use IE or they so use to the icon meaning the internet. That even if google is on there desktop they still use IE. I fix a lot of people computer and i always have to explain this and why they should use something like google vs IE.

      • ZILZAL says:

        i always use chrome , but if you want the truth , IE is not like before , its fast , maybe sometimes faster than chrome , but they lost user’s trust , and also lack of customization and 3rd party plugins and tools , so they fall into that maze.
        and looks like they are trying with their new browser which planned to be released with Win10 to change these ideas .

      • Mike says:

        I disagree. The issue is not primarily that non tech people don’t know how to download another browser. The main reason IE is so widely used is that it is the default browser of most organizations/corporations, and those users don’t have the privileges to install new software. Hate on IE all you want, but from an IA perspective, it’s often the best option.

    • Jessica Harper says:

      Chrome is not bad, but for now FireFox is still king.
      I did use Chrome but now I use Firefox, I feel like pages loads faster than that of Chrome, and user-friendly controls. I can’t say Chrome sucks, just it’s not for me.

      • Rachel Wolfe says:

        I used to use Firefox, loved it, then it started to crash on me. I shit you not whenever I use it now it crashes, no matter what I do. Switched to Chrome. Haven’t looked back.

        • Blaž Somun says:

          I have no problem loading pages on any browser but Internet explorer that one takes 2 days to just download another browser…. I use chrome because it has less of a draw pc for some reason if i have firefox opened it lags the shit out of survarium as for chrome it has no effect on or off

        • AyresRocket says:

          Your problem lies between keyboard and chair.

          • Rachel Wolfe says:

            I do believe it may. In the mean time, Chrome.

          • AyresRocket says:

            Yeah,it’s probably not going to work perfectly now until you do a Windows reinstall.Browsers can be like that.
            I’m running FF 36.0.4 and it’s pretty good.I prefer it after trying Chrome.

          • Rachel Wolfe says:

            This happens on any computer I do it on. Hehe.

          • Rachel Wolfe says:

            I am on a completely different computer now. I had re-installed that one many times. Firefox is still buggy as hell for me. I avoid it for other reasons too now.

  2. Jeordie White says:

    I find this a little odd google would try so hard to pull users back to their search engine through such tactics. I mean as nice of an image google tries to put on, they still are mostly profitable by their ad revenue. This stream of money is plagued with greed and corruption if they can. I mean google has been caught with monopoly tactics in several countries and the EU is considering breaking them up for being a monopoly on search engines. So it’s not a company above greed first. If I ignore the dark side of google and all of their analytic tracking crap that I don’t want to be a part of, I am left wondering why it’s such a bad thing to use yahoo. I mean yahoo and bing are both powered off of licensed search engine software from google. So it’s not entirely a big difference in search engines. Bing and yahoo offer their different layouts. Adblock takes care of blocking google’s analytic stuff and I make sure to leave it blocked in noscript with firefox. I don’t mind using yahoo, it sometimes gives me a feeling of nostalgia with that dull and drab old web looking style. However there are no advantages of using yahoo either as far as the NSA is concerned. Still, I use chrome about 50% of the time or less now. Firefox, Chrome and Midori are the 3 browsers I choose from. Midori is really a refreshing browser that reminds me of the early days of lightweight versatile phoenix browser that really propelled the future of web browsers. I still use google as the majority of the time, but if firefox can get me there and I can support firefox, It’s not a big deal to me which one I use.

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