Google Transparency report reveals U.S government seeking number of user data

/ 5 years ago

Like every year, Google has published their latest transparent report which reveals that the Federal government and many police agencies have been pushing Google to give numerous amounts of user data. The data statistics reveals that the authorities are not just only looking for personal information, but even search data.

According to the the report, Google complied up to 21,389 requests of user data information which belongs to nearly 34,000 users and out of which 8,438 requests come from the U.S. Federal government. Its also shows that there’s an increase of 17% compared to the previous year.

The U.S. government has the Electronic Communications Privacy act in which it gives power to the police agencies to obtain information and communications data from private individuals. After 9/11, many laws were passed which allows the government to access your emails and other transmitted data without your consent and you knowing about it. There are some conflicting laws which collided with privacy rights where even some U.S. courts deemed it illegal.

Still, Google publishes the request report as a part of their open policy on an annual basis. Google is planning currently to offer data on government censorship to their users as well.

Source: VR- Zone 

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