Google Want To Use Your Face And Name For Adverts, Here’s How To Stop Them

/ 4 years ago


Recent plans were set in motion by Google that would see them able to use your name and face for advertisements, a sort of endorsement from online reviews and all in all, it is pretty harmless. Naturally not everyone will be happy with sharing this information and since Google are such good sports about it all, it is in fact very simple to opt out of this one.

Three super easy steps for you to follow:

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Screenshot 2013-10-12 22.12.25

It really is that simple, of course you may already find that the checkbox is already clear, in which case you don’t have to change a thing! Many users are reporting that they’ve not had to change it, while some have.

Quick and simple, unless Google decide to make it more complicated in the near future of course.

Thank you TechCrunch for providing us with this information.

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3 Responses to “Google Want To Use Your Face And Name For Adverts, Here’s How To Stop Them”
  1. Darryl Carter says:

    nice, thanks.

  2. Vismal says:

    Thanks! Follow the step and done.

  3. Peter Ck says:

    Anything like this should be opt-IN, not secretly do what they like until you’re lucky enough to see an article about it!

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