Google Will Acquire 5.94% Share In Lenovo As Part Of Motorola Sale Deal

/ 4 years ago


Lenovo and Google recently announced a deal that sees Lenovo purchase Motorola from Google. The deal is worth a cool $2.91 billion from a combination of cash and stock payments. According to Reuters the details of the deal mean that Google will end up with a 5.94 percent share in Lenovo Group Limited of China worth $750 million – which is approximately a quarter of the value of the entire $2.91 billion deal.

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Google will be acquiring 618.3 million Lenovo shares at $1.213 per share and this was confirmed by Hong Kong’s stock exchange late on Thursday evening. The move to acquire shares in Lenovo would suggest that Google has strong intentions of cooperating further with Lenovo in future. Who knows Lenovo may join the likes of ASUS and LG as a big Google hardware partner.

Image courtesy of TechCrunch

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