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Google Wing Drone Home Delivery Service Launches

Google Wing Home Delivery

For a number of years now, many major retailers have been investigating the possibility of product delivery via the use of drones. This has, however, largely hit stumbling blocks to question marks over safety, security and, of course, the small matter of drones flying all over the place causing havoc.

In a report via the BBC, however, Google has just successfully launched their ‘Wing’ service to residents of Canberra Australia offering home deliveries via drone technology.

How Does It Work?

Although only currently open to around 100 residents, this represents the first full blown drone delivery implementation in the world.

Delivering fast-food, groceries and medicine, the done will lower the package via a ‘claw game’ type rope and drop them off in customers back gardens. While this is providing popular with some residents, others are already complaining about the noise levels created.

A local group has said: “When they do a delivery drop they hover over the site. And it sounds like an extremely loud, squealing vacuum cleaner.”

Will This Be Expanded?

While this is the first major implementation, covering just 100 homes does seem more of an extended trial. As such, it’s yet to give any particularly conclusive results. Specifically, as to whether this could work on a much larger scale.

I wouldn’t, therefore, suggest that unless you live in Camberra Australia, that you could expect to see any deliveries to your own home in the near future.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of a drone delivery service? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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