Google working on a touch- capable Chromebook??

/ 5 years ago

According to China Times, Google intends to launch its own brand of netbooks with chrome as it placed an order of 20 million units with a Taiwan based manufacturer “Compal” and touch panel sourced from Wintek- even with a claim that they are maybe available as early as December.

Although the Chrome books made by Acer and Samsung didn’t really “take over the world” by storm like how Microsoft does it with windows, it will be interesting to see how this pays for Google, especially noting that this may end up with a device to compete with Microsoft Surface, most likely with a cost effective product. Interestingly, since Microsoft and Google seem to have equal ambition to have their own labeled hardware devices like how Apple started off with series of MAC OS powered notebooks, desktop systems and tablet- the usual tablet/ notebook manufacturer may have some sour relation between the 2 companies with their respected OS.

Source: China Times | Digital Trends

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