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Google’s Autocomplete Has New Amusing Suggestion For Sitting

Google’s Autocomplete Has New Amusing Suggestion For Sitting

Have you ever tried to send your babysitter a message asking if they are free? It’s a fairly innocuous proposition as long as it involves them watching your children. One, user while doing this, however, has discovered that Google’s autocorrect system provides a much more suggestive alternative.

In a report via CNET, when asking “Hey! Are you free to sit” it suggested the rest of the sentence to include “on my face?”.

Sit On My Face And Tell Me That You Love Me

I must admit, when I saw this I was first reminded of the fantastically funny Monty Python sketch. Despite this though, unless you’re a fan of sexual harassment lawsuits this is clearly something you would want to avoid. You may at this point be wondering if this is a hoax. Well, apparently not with more than 1 user confirming the existence of this autocowrecks.

Google Is Aware

Google has said that they are aware of the amusing error. They have not, however, given any information as to why it was occurring. The result does also seem to be a bit selective as some users confirm this while others are not getting the same results.

Before you next send your babysitter a text though, you might want to just double check this before you send. It could be rather awkward, particularly if they respond with a yes! If they do and your partner finds out though, just remember to send them the link to this article to prove it’s true. Just don’t use us to cover up for anything else!

What do you think? Whats the worth autocorrect disaster you have had? Was it worse than this one? In addition, do you think this is legit or a hoax? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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