Google’s iOS Calendar App Leaked

/ 3 years ago


It appears that Google’s snazzy new calendar app will be soon be making its way to iOS. The app launched on Android last year with the company promising to bring it to the iPhone and iPad.

Well now The Next Web has received some leaked screenshots of the new app, with it being extremely similar in appearance to its Android counterpart. Besides visually looking similar, it has also been noted that there appears to be a number of features that are also consistent with the Android version.

While this app could still be subject  to change before its release, we do know that Google has been keeping updates to its iOS apps fairly consistent with its Android counterparts. Just recently the company released the updated Google Translate app, which as well as including Android’s new Material UI, it also features all the same and amazing voice translation features as the Android app does. The same goes for the iOS Google Now app.

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Expect to see that calendar app available for iOS soon.

Source and Images: The Next Web

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