Google’s Self-Driving Cars In Action! Latest Prototypes Get Road-Tested

/ 4 years ago


Google X, Google’s semi-secret division for developing crazy new technologies, has come out with a brilliant new technological advancement: their first prototype self-driving car. We’re not even talking a normal car that can drive itself under certain scenarios but a car that has been purpose built for self-driving with no ability for the passengers to drive it in any way other than setting the destination. From some perspectives it may seem scary, from others exciting and liberating, but whichever you see it the innovation is impressive.

Google’s prototype self-driving car has nothing on the inside except seats and some seat belts: there’s no steering wheel, pedals, mirrors, backseats or glove compartments. The car is driven by a complex interaction of sensors and 360 degree viewing lasers. The current prototype model is limited to 25 miles an hour with significant foam padding on the sides and front as well as plastic instead of glass, this is to improve the safety of the car in the event of a collision. Another safety feature includes steering and braking redundancy systems, think of it as RAID 1 for cars!

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Google plans to build 100-200 prototypes themselves to help develop and advance the technology, maybe a big car manufacturer will jump on-board – who knows! The technology has massive potential with the ability to grant personal mobility to the blind, the disabled and those who are too old or young to drive. Check out the video below for yourself and see what you think!


Source: Google Self-Driving Car Project (YouTube)

Image courtesy of Google

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