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GPU-Z Gets New 2.0 Release!

GPU-Z, one of the most popular PC information providing tools has received a new update today. Version 2.0 has officially launched with a lot of new features for those who just love their overclocking.

What is GPU-Z?

CPU-Z is a program created by Tech Power Up which gives you a full readout of your computers information. This includes your processor, motherboard, graphics card, running speeds, and temperatures. It is a brilliant tool for those who want to find out a specific component on their PC or for those looking to apply an overclock. The main key point of the program is that it has all the information clearly and concisely displayed. GPU-Z can quite literally tell you everything you need to know about your PC. Such information which operating systems have to date never deemed within the user’s interest.

What is new?

TechPowerUp has reported the new key features below.

  • Advanced Tab added, with additional on info on VGA BIOS, CUDA, OpenCL, DirectX, Vulkan
  • Added support for EVGA iCX Sensors
  • Fixed BIOS saving on GeForce 900 Series and newer, on 32-bit OS
  • NVIDIA PerfCap Reason “Util” renamed to “Idle”
  • Added retry option to “Rendering doesn’t work over remote desktop” message
  • When log file can’t be written to, stop trying until re-enabled by user
  • Added support for AMD HD 8350G
  • Fixed DirectX Support detection on old ATI cards (R600 and older)
  • Added support for NVIDIA Tesla P100 PCIe, Tesla M10, Quadro P5000
  • Added support for Intel Graphics 615

Do I need to download this?

I would recommend that most people download this. It’s lightweight and can tell you a lot about your PC you might not know. For example, your motherboard make/model, what speed your processor runs at, how much ram you have. While to the more tech minded this might all sound silly, to those new or unaware of how PC’s work, this program can provide a window into a lot of useful information. For overclocking, I’d say GPU-Z is almost vital. Yes, companies do have their own overclocking software these days, but for those of us who prefer the hands-on bios methods of overclocking, this is the go-to tool.

Where can I download the latest version?

The latest version can be downloaded from the TechPowerUp website, however since we’re such awesome guys – click here to be directed.


Mike Sanders

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