Grab Your Boomsticks! – A New Evil Dead Game is Coming!

While not being a particularly enthusiastic watcher of horror films (or player of scary games for that matter) I must confess that I’m a colossally huge fanboy when it comes to ‘The Evil Dead’ franchise. Put simply, I love it. From the movies to the TV series, and the handful of gaming titles released to date, I generally tend to happily eat up anything they put out with this name on it. Better still though if Bruce Campbell is involved in some manner (which he usually is).

In terms of new video games based on the franchise, however, it has been a very long time now since we last saw anything, and, quite frankly, even as someone who keeps a close eye on the latest news regarding this series, I wasn’t necessarily hopeful that something fresh was on the way. Following the launch of an official trailer though, it’s a surprise, but I’ll take it! – Yes, a brand new Evil Dead video game is coming to swallow your soul!

The Evil Dead

The trailer itself is rather brief and, in terms of actual gameplay, doesn’t really reveal much in terms of what we can expect. The overall ethos I take away from it, however, (and I friend I sent it to said exactly the same thing) is that this is going to be some form of ‘Left 4 Dead’ clone within the Evil Dead franchise. – And, put simply, that sounds absolutely perfect to me!

Now, if you haven’t watched the original film trilogy, you may have more than a few questions surrounding what you see here. Particularly why there might be a medieval knight with sword and armor. Trust me when I say though that it does make sense!

When Is It Out?

Although they haven’t gone quite as far as confirming an official (and specific) release date, the trailer does reveal that we can expect this ‘Evil Dead’ game at some point next year (2021). So, if you, like me, absolutely love anything to do with this franchise, then it’s time to grab your Necronomicon and boomsticks in eager anticipation over what looks to be some gloriously gory fan service!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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