Grand Theft Auto IV iCEnhancer C Screenshots Revealed

/ 3 years ago


Legendary modder Hayssam ‘icelaglace’ Keilany is at it again! Through hard work and no doubt many long hours modding, the latest GTA IV iCEnhancer C is almost here.

iCEehancer has worked its magic on Grand Theft Auto IV many times before, providing us with some stunning in-game visuals that make most modern games cry in the corner; including the console editions of GTA V, even the “next-gen” releases of GTA V in many cases. Of course, you do need a pretty capable gaming rig to run visual mods like this, but the end result is certainly worth it.

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The C edition of the new mod will feature two presets, the first set is less realistic than the second one; the screenshots below are from the first set.

These screens aren’t as impressive as some of the others we’ve seen, but the mod is certainly making solid progress with pushing GTA IV to photorealism levels of detail.







Thank you Belovedmag for providing us with this information.

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